Since Fas Serramenti acknowledges the Principles and Rules purposed by the Standard FSC®, as Company decided to adopt the Standard of Chain of Custody: it consist in an official protocol recognized at international level under which the origin of the raw materials is certified, it comes from forest correctly managed accordingly rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

The FSC® Certification is a tool reliable and clear finalized to guarantee a responsible use of the forests and of the groves of trees.

Therefore to be certified is important because in that way the principle of a responsible consume is respected by all.

The Chain of Custody is necessary to guarantee the traceability of the product certifies FSC® along every ring: from the wood harvest from sustainable forest up to the product delivered to the end user under the ethical respect of all the fundamental right of the workers and of the forest where the wood comes from.

The FSC® Certification is also an indicator that shows the commitment of FAS Serramenti to a responsible use of the forestry resources: to choose products FSC® means contributing directly to the growing of an ethical system, responsible and virtuous.

FSC® takes care of the first conservation but also of the populations and of the fauna around: any final user will be allowed to enjoy of the benefits of nature and forests maintaining them safe at the same time.

Why is good to use products certifies FSC®?

Because they respect the rigorous international standards in matter of forest, environment, social and economical management regulations.

Because it is a voluntary certification and there is any financial interest behind: there are not financial supports provided by companies, public bodies or others related to the adoption of the Certification.

Because it is a certification applied and recognized at international level, independently by the dimension of the interventions or by the type of forest.

Because the constant supervision and monitoring made by the certification entities accredited are guarantee, under the respect of the requirements foresee by the standard itself.

Because the certification under the FSC® method is voluntary and it represents a lasting long-time commitment of taking care executed by whom is in charge of safeguarding the forests.

Because it applies the respect of the requirements established under the legislative and institutional international framework.

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