Wood-Aluminium Windows

Studied and designed to join the thermal-acoustic performances to the maximum lasting along the years: Wood-Aluminum FAS Collection combines the comfort of the Aluminum outside and the natural wellness of the Wood inside the house with the maximum level of style and reliability.

Three different types of external aluminum covers and two different wooden interior profiles (Standard and Quadro) allow you to adapt the Fas Wood-Aluminium window to any building: from historical contests to most modern and minimal.


Lite 80 is a wood-aluminium window designed with a slim frame to fit even in renovations, where the space available for the new window is often reduced. The external aluminum cover, coplanar with the frame, is available in a wide range of RAL color and similar wood to fit any aesthetic needs of the customer. Despite the slim profile, the possibility of inserting double-chamber glasses allows Lite 80 to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic performances.

angolare lite80

lite normale

Profilo Standard

lite quadrato

Profilo Quadrato


Elegance 84, wood and aluminium windows, combines design and technology: structural gluing of the glass to the wing and the external aluminum profile with classic lines make it ideal for any architectural style.

The use of double-chamber glass allows it to achieve excellent performances, making Elegance 84 suitable for installation also in Passive House

angolare elegance

elegance normale

Profilo Standard

elegance quadrato

Profilo Quadrato


Elite 104 has a modern design: inside the wood heat with linear squared profiles, thanks to the structural gluing of the glass;outside the complanarity of the aluminium covering between the wing and the frame.

The use of double-chamber glass allows it to achieve excellent performances, making Elite 104 suitable for installation also Passive House

angolare Elite 104web

elite normale

Profilo Standard

elite quadrato

Profilo Quadrato

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