Why choose wood

Contrawise to inorganic building materials like aluminum and PVC, wood is natural and heathy, renewable, green and sustainable: its life circle doesn’t affect the nature and any indoor environment with harmful emissions, it doesn’t impact during the production because wood exists in nature and it doesn’t cost for dismantling.

Wood is the best choice for many reasons:

1.  It Is the best thermal insulator existing

2. It is structurally very strong and flexible to be manufactured

3. It grants a welcoming atmosphere

4. It suits to all style of interiors and it is aesthetically delightful

5. It lasts long: thinking to the thousand year-old trees in the world

6. Easy to be personalized with unaccountable options of colors and finishing

7. Very easy system of maintenance thanks to the new product existing for nourishing and cleaner: Easy Coat, a water based reinvigorate spray for the cleaning of the wooden windows

8. It reduces the CO2 emission and it doesn’t increase the greenhouse effect

The points listed above are just a few of all the advantages that it is possible to benefit of, choosing the option of this beautiful raw material.

Building residential constructions, green houses, windows, furniture and other goods in wood means to move forward to the future that we prefer.


Fas works in an inestimable environmental and landscape beauty in the heart of Langhe and Roero, in the Province of Cuneo, a hilly area of tourist, artistic and wine-and-food excellence, since 2014 Unesco World Heritage, in order to preserve this wonderful piece of Piedmont and Italy, the company has developed a series of operations aimed at minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment:

• Installation of solar panels in the factory

• Use of eco-friendly and non-toxic water-based paints

• Reduced use of adhesive substances

• Production of windows at low CO2 emissions


The installation of photovoltaic panels, with installed capacity of 155 kwh, has allowed the overall power generation amounted to 374,543.60 kWh (since updated to 30/08/2014), of which a part is used in the plant production (kwh 247,652.60) and the excess is fed into the electricity grid (126,891 kwh).
All of this has enabled us to manufacture our products while saving the emission of 130.90 tons of CO2 into the air.

where we are

Strada Gorghi 1 - Località Pautasso 
Castellinaldo d'Alba - cn - 12050