Colors and Painting

Painting is a Crucial step , as it significantly contributes to the aesthetics and durability of the product.

Fas uses water-based coatings that containing 10% max. chemical solvents, minimaze emissions of harmful substances. In addition, the water paint perfectly adheres to the surface creating an elastic film following the micromovements of the wood.

Fas Serramenti provides its windows with a coating system consisting of three coats: one of impregnating, one of a primer and one of finishing.


The operations to clean and refresh wooden windows have been simplified and reduced to a minimum due to specific products such as Easy Coat, a water-based detergent for routine cleaning of the wood. 

Testing lab shows that the use of Easy Coat prevents the degradation of the coating film and maintains the natural beauty of wood.

Just spray directly Easy Coat on the surface to be treated and dry with a microfiber cloth until completely absorbed; any product residue on the glass are not a problem: the product can be easily removed with the same cloth and also contributing to the cleaning of the glass.

It is recommended the periodic use of Easy Coat, at least three / four times a year, in order to maintain the beauty of the wood.

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