In a window, the glass is the key element.

It aims at satisfying the different necessities of the costumers in order to increase the wellness inside the house, to suits the multiple climate conditions and to reach all different energy saving standards.

The right choice of the glass is important as it is expected to fulfill the following requirements.

The glass must

To isolate the internal environment from the external temperature

To guarantee the adequate level of safety indoor for the costumer and against eventual intrusion from outside

To leave as much light and view as possible if the costumer wish

To facilitate the mechanical operations of door and windows

Thermal Plus

The Thermal Plus glass increase the thermal comfort of the environments thanks to the special low emission sheets of glass and to the application on them of the Gas Argon.

The low emission coating consists in microscopic particles of noble metals applied on the internal side of the sheets, which enhance the thermal performances of the glass. The alteration of the light transmission and the esthetic of the glass will be imperceptible.

The use of Gas Argon inside the space between the glass space panels it increase even more the thermal performances of the window or of the door.

Security Thermal Plus

The Security Thermal Plus glass combines the thermal insulation in the house with a better level of security.
We are talking about “security” because every slice of glass is stratified by two slices of glasses joined by a film of Polyvinylbutyral (PVB), which has the functionality of not to let the glass break up into little pieces in case it would be accidentally broken.


Both the glasses Acoustic Thermal Plus and Super Acoustic 43dB were selected by Fas for their capability of maintaining the perfect thermal-acoustic insulation inside the house.
It is actually possible to enhance the acoustic insulation trough increasing the thickness of the stratified slides and applying a PVB film for acoustic insulation performances between the slices.
That is how the acoustic insulation of windows and doors will reach up to 43 dB.

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