Wood Essences

Fas Serramenti uses exclusively the best quality of raw laminated wood available in the market.

The laminated wood is a composite material that better keeps the relation between mechanical resistance and weight avoiding all risks that instead are related to the solid wood that was used long time ago.

The section of the profile is symmetrical and the layers have the same thickness and belong to the same wood essence.


Pine wood is naturally a soft wood, easy to be carved and very resistant to the static flexibility. As Pine wood is a conifer it contains resin, some visible natural knots and its texture is not homogeneous. It can be purposed in entire line which appears very suitable for transparent varnishing or it can be finger joint which is usually purposed in case of lacquered finishing.

Mahogany Meranti

Mahogany Meranti is an hard wood, with pretty good mechanical resistance to the atmospheric external agents. Its color can variate from white to dark red. Its own texture with a porous texture makes it ideal for natural or lacquered also whether the open porous would represent an esthetical added value.


Oak is a wood very stable and hard as resistant to the atmospheric agents and to the wear. Its color is by nature yellowy, brown tending and it resume the right balance between refinement and natural performances.


Accoya® is a wood with a great level of permanence and it is very durable – up to 50 years. The acetylation process makes this type of wood suitable for every circumstance. In fact it was tested under all type of atmospheric situations, upon the ground level, underground and even in the water: it showed to be resistance even under the hardest external conditions.

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