Wood belongs to mankind tradition since ever, it has been a primary instrument of our evolution, day by day, through centuries and millenniums.
Wood craftsmanship is an art bringing culture and knowledge.
Wood naturally protects human being, it will grant your home effective insulation from outside temperature better than any material such aluminum or PVC.
Fas joinery marries beauty with performance.
Wood makes your home warmer and more welcomingly.

Fas joinery is aesthetically well finished and its 10-year limited warranty on varnishing will make your investment very cost-effective and a long-lasting one.



Fas uses water-based coatings that containing 10% max. chemical solvents, minimaze emissions of harmful substances.

In addition, the water paint perfectly adheres to the surface creating an elastic film following the micromovements of the wood.


Fas works in an inestimable environmental and landscape beauty in the heart of Langhe and Roero, in the Province of Cuneo, a hilly area of tourist, artistic and wine-and-food excellence, since 2014 Unesco World Heritage.




Fas products go worldwide. They fit aesthetical, practical needs, and law requirement in every country.

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His Majesty, the wood

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